Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking for a Pet Dog

I have always been a dog lover. There must be something from the canine family that really attracts me. I don’t know, maybe it’s the unconditional love they shower me. Dogs can’t communicate with humans but it’s really not hard to tell how they feel. The way they wag their tail, how they bark, one can feel it.
I grew up in a family that always has dogs, local dogs commonly referred to as “askals”. My first purebred dog is a Labrador retriever. I named her “Jack”. She is such a very wonderful dog, very intelligent and affectionate. My brother-in-law as a gift to my son gave her to us. I knew very well that Labradors are very compatible with small kids. My son was 4 years old then. Months after came “Cush”, a female Basset Hound puppy we bought from a very close friend. Although known to be stubborn, she’s very cute, affectionate and lovable. The two pets became my son’s playmates that practically grew up with them. Unfortunately, I lost them both, about a year ago. I became too busy and took them for granted. I missed our jogging sessions, our walks, and our playtime. More so, I missed the love and affection that only they could give.
So why am I writing about this?… well, I’m looking for a pet dog and willing to start all over again, a new journey. Only this time, I want to be well-informed and will do it the right way. I may not be a good writer, who cares. I need your help and I want as much info as possible.  Together, let's journey to the world of dog lovers.  I will gladly appreciate your comments….


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