Friday, October 2, 2009

Preparations for your Puppy’s First Day

     You’re on your way to get your new puppy from the dog breeder and of course, you’re all excited to bring your puppy home.  At last, after choosing the right dog for you and checking on all available tips in buying a puppy, you're all set.  You’ve already prepared for the very first trip with your puppy.  Next on your list is the preparation for your puppy’s first day.
     It is a good idea to bring your pup home in the morning so that by nightfall, he will have some time to get used to you and his new environment.  Let the pup enter his new home on a day when the routine is normal, avoid the holidays since all the extra excitement will only add confusion and might frighten the puppy.  For those people who work during weekdays, a Saturday morning is the perfect time to bring home your puppy; this way he has the entire Saturday and Sunday to making the adjustments before being left alone for you to work again by Monday morning.  Let him explore his new home without stress and fear, under your supervision of course.  Avoid the temptation of handling him too much during the first few days.  If you have other dogs and animals in the house, introduce them properly.  If you notice them fighting, it is better to separate them for the meantime until they learn to accept one another.  It goes without saying that neglecting other pets while showering your new puppy with all your attention will only cause jealousy.  Divide your time accordingly and make extra effort to pay attention to other pets as well.
     On the first night, try not to give in and let the pup sleep with you; this could become a difficult habit to break.  It is usual to hear him cry and whimper, this will only take few days of restlessness for you and the whole family.  It is important not to react to its noises, and these will normally stop after a few nights.  If you decide to let your puppy sleep alone, you must accept a few disturbed nights.  It would greatly help to put a ticking alarm clock in the pup’s bed to simulate the heartbeat of its dam and littermates.  Some would even put a hot water bottle wrapped in towel to act as a surrogate mother.  Be very patient, after all, the puppy is used to the warmth and care of her mom and littermates.  The pup’s adjustment to sleeping alone will take only few days so remember to select a place away from drafts and should be warm.  At the very least, your puppy should be 8 weeks old and completely weaned but still very susceptible to extreme temperatures so better find a place in advance.
     Above all things, it is important to be very patient with your new puppy as he makes adjustments to his new house.  If you get a pup that is not housebroken, you will have to spend time to it until he develops proper toilet habits.  Even a housebroken puppy will have some occasional accidents out of nervousness from its new surroundings.  Praise and positive encouragement is very vital rather than punishments or scolding.  Take note that your puppy wants nothing more than to please you, be very patient as he learns the behavior required of him.
     Next on the list is how to housetrain your puppy.  Watch out for my next post about it.
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Gilson said...

Sweet pics, those eyes.

k9blogger said...

@ Gilson... thanks for dropping by... it's really adorable, isn't it?

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