Friday, September 25, 2009

Dog Buying Tips: Puppy or Adult Dog?

     After you’ve made a decision to get a male or female, the next question comes up. Should it be an adult dog or a cute little puppy?  Your household circumstances usually play an important role here.
     Of course, it’s great having a cuddly little puppy in your home, but bringing up a puppy costs a lot of time and effort.  In its first year of life, it will learn more compared to the rest of its life.  You must accept the fact that your puppy will keep you busy for a couple of hours a day, certainly in its first few months.  You won’t need so much time with a grown up dog.  It has already been brought up, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t need corrections from time to time.
     A puppy will no doubt leave trails of destructions in its wake for the first few months.  With a little bad luck, this will even cost you a number of rolls of wallpaper, some expensive shoes and a couple of socks.  Worst, you’ll be left with some chewed furniture.  Some puppies can even manage to tear curtains down from the rails but with good upbringing, this “vandalism” will quickly disappear.  You may not have to worry about this scenario if you get an older dog.
     The greatest advantage getting a puppy, of course, is that you can bring it up your own way.  And the upbringing a dog gets (or doesn’t get) is a major influence on its whole character.  Finally, financial aspects may play an important role in your choice.  A puppy is generally (much) more expensive than an adult dog, not only in purchase price but also in “maintenance.”  A puppy needs to go to the veterinarian more often compared to an adult dog for the necessary vaccinations and check-ups.
     Overall, bringing up a puppy costs a good deal of energy, time and money, but you have its upbringing in your own hands.  An adult dog costs less money and time, but its characters are already formed.  You should also try to find out about the dog’s background.  The previous owner may have formed its character in somewhat less positive ways.
     (This article is part of the series - Tips on Buying a Dog).
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