Friday, September 25, 2009

Dog Buying Tips: Pet or Show-Quality Dog?

     Responsible dog breeders strive to maintain the desirable qualities in their breed.  Foremost in their mind is improving what they have already achieved as far as the breed standard is concerned.  The breed standard describes the ideal dog and those that come close to the breed standard are usually selected as show stock while the others are usually sold as pets.  Keep in mind that pet-quality dogs are no way less healthy or attractive as the show type specimens.  There may be some undesirable features like wrong color of the eyes, big ears, and misaligned teeth to name a few, which would be faults in the show ring.  These are called “flaws” usually detected by experienced breeders or show judges.  Show-quality puppies usually cost more than their pet counterparts even though they seem almost identical littermates.
     If you intend to show your dog, by all means buy the best you can afford and if you want to breed in the future, it is advisable to get the best breeding stock. It will not only save you expense but also less disappointment later on.  However, if you intend to get a pet, you can opt for the less expensive.  A pup, which is not show-material, or a grown up dog not used for breeding is occasionally available which offers an opportunity to save money.  Keep in mind that though your initial investment may be a bargain but with good food, proper care, and lots of love, you can raise your puppy to a healthy, socialized and lovable adult dog.
     Most breeders and sellers want to see their dog in loving, responsible homes; they are careful about who buys their animals.  Be prepared for some interrogation because they only want the best for the welfare of their dogs.   Read everything you can about the breed standard and don’t be afraid to ask questions to the breeder.  Listen to the breeder carefully about the finer points of show conformation.  Most reputable dog breeders will be willing to answer any questions you might have about their dogs and would be honest enough about each pup’s potentials.  Why would a dog breeder sell his potential show champion to someone who just wants a pet?  He wants his top-quality show puppy be placed in the public eye to reflect glory on him and of course, to attract future buyers.
     (This article is part of the series - Tips on Buying a Dog).
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