Friday, September 11, 2009

A Guide in Dog Breeding Business

     Dog breeding is serious business, it may not be for everyone but if you have lots of knowledge about dogs and you love being with dogs, it can be a profitable business.  Like any business, dog breeding has its own challenges.  It may not be an easy-to-get-rich scheme but it can be very rewarding so long as you have the passion with dogs and the right attitude towards your business.  Any business starts with planning and before you buy your dogs, it would be wise to assess yourself if you’re fit to this kind of business.  You may want to check how to start a dog breeding business to set your mind and expectations in my previous post.
     The only way to stand out from other professional breeders is to learn about the breed you’ve chosen.  Check out the qualities of a responsible breeder.  Educate yourself about the breed standard and learn everything about dog breeding - nothing beats a knowledgeable breeder.  If you don’t have a dog yet or is planning to get one, check the criteria in choosing a dog.
      Before you breed, you need to make sure that your dogs are of good breeding stock.  You need to have a good breeding program, check the bloodlines in the pedigree.  Know your dog’s faults and find a mate that will compliment these faults.  Always go for the breed standard.  Never breed for pet quality puppies, it goes without saying that show quality puppies fetch a higher price.
       Be a member of dog communities in your area like American Kennel Club (AKC) and register a kennel name.  This will keep you posted in the breed trends and by getting a kennel name; you can advertise your dog breeding business.  Participate and join in local breed clubs to have a good relationship with other breeders and to be updated in dog breeding news and info.  You may also want to participate in dog shows sanctioned by these clubs.  Puppies born out of champion parent command a higher price.
      Keep all the necessary dog records like pedigrees, medical history and others updated all the time.  Potential buyers may take a look on these to check the quality and health of the puppy they’re getting.  Always keep your kennel and the dogs clean, you don’t want potential buyers walking away covering their nose. 
      Dog breeding is a continuous learning process.  This article is just a guide and you still need to learn a lot like taking care of your beloved dogs.  Things like dog health, dog grooming, dog training, taking care of pregnant dogs, dog-birthing process…. Still a long journey, but at least you can start now.  Prepare to educate yourself and watch out for my next post.


stugod said...

love me dogs , better than some humans..rephrase that better than most humans

k9blogger said...

I agree... and they're a lot loyal than most humans

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