Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

     A lot of people are asking, “Will I make money from dog breeding business?”  In any business endeavor, as long as you put your heart, mind and body coupled with your best effort, everything will succeed.  Dog breeding business is of course no exception.  I’m sure not everyone will agree that dog breeding can be a good business.  In fact, most Internet articles about the topic discourage making a profit out of dog breeding.  Before you continue, let we warn you to please keep an open mind as you read along this article otherwise, if you’re too sensitive – stop and go somewhere else.
     A lot of breeders are making a lot of money out of dog breeding and the fact that you keep reading this article despite the warning; you must have an idea that it is indeed a good business.  A business is any recognized enterprise designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers thus dog breeding can be classified as such.  Like any other business it requires planning, determination, skills and lots of patience.  I hope in my own little way, I could help you make the best out of your dog breeding business.  Let me say that there are good and bad breeders much like good and bad businessmen.  To give you an idea of the qualities of a responsible breeder – click here.
     A good business starts with a proper mindset.  You have to assess yourselves whether you are ready to take on this endeavor and be a responsible breeder.  Check the following:
·        Are you ready to take risks, experiment, make mistakes and learn new things?
·        Do you have the necessary skills to do the undertaking?
·        Are you willing to take accountability on what might happen?
·        Do you have the patience to know that money does not come instantly and usually takes time?
·        Are you willing to work hard and finish what needs to be done?
·        Are you a problem solver?
·        Do you know the true value of what you are doing?
     Being a responsible dog breeder, money is not the prime motivation.  Money flows naturally without actively seeking it.  The dog breeding industry frowns on making a profit out if.  Most responsible dog breeders would tell you that to produce a litter of quality puppies’ just breaks even against the expenses.  A lot of them failed in this business not because they don’t have the passion and knowledge about dogs but because they lack knowledge in the business aspect.  Yes, dog breeding is a passion.  You have to love being with dogs and if you don’t have the passion, look for another business.  I would say that in order to succeed, you have to have a combination of both – a business sense and the passion with dogs. 
     Watch out for my next posts as we go along the details on how to do it – how to be a successful yet responsible breeder.


Anonymous said...

Dog breeding as a business takes time. Usually profits will come in after 2 years (some just break even, not really a regular source of income. It's more of the passion that really keeps the dog breeder going.

k9blogger said...

I agree.. you have to invest time and lots of effort. The first two years I would say is very crucial and most dog breeders without any other source of steady income will quit. I would say that your passion for the breed will keep you going and you just need to add some common sense in business. Its not enough that you love your dogs, you have to finance your breeding programs as well and that's where business comes in.
Thanks for the visit.

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