Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Responsible Dog Breeders versus Puppy Mills

     A couple bought a cute labradoodle (labrador and poodle mix) puppy from a pet shop. They took the puppy home but after only two days, the dog became lazy.  It won’t even eat, doesn’t bark and it doesn’t even move at all.
     So the couple decided to take the dog to a local vet. The vet looked at the dog and then laid it on the floor. He then brought a cat into the room and set it beside the dog. The cat crawled all over the dog for several minutes.  Ran around the dog four times before the vet finally picked up the cat and put it back in its cage.  The vet then turned to the couple and said, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but your dog is dead... That'll be $375.00."
     "What?.. $375.00?," screamed the outraged man. "Do you expect me to pay you that much just to tell me my dog is dead?"
     The vet replied, "It's only $25.00 for the office visit and $350.00 for the Cat Scan."
     Funny? Maybe not…  A lot of uneducated dog buyers suffer the same fate as that of the couple.  They could be well-meaning couples looking to have a pet puppy they can call their own.  I can’t blame them, they didn’t know.  If only they knew where the puppies of pet shops came from, they may have opted to get one from a reputable breeder.
     There are many reasons why you should not buy a dog from pet shops.  Pet shops are the leading distribution network of dog farmers or in other words – puppy mills.  These are irresponsible dog breeders who are only after the money and don’t even care about the puppy’s welfare.  We’re all knew the importance of choosing the right dog and must not be deceived by these breeders.  Pet shop owners may say their puppies came from reputable dog breeders.  Think again, responsible dog breeders don’t sell to pet shops.  Always ask for a documentation and if needed, do a background check on the breeder.  A dog breeder usually screens their would-be buyers and some even visits the puppy long after the sale to make sure their puppies are well taken cared of.  Do pet shop owners do that?  I guess not. 
     Puppies from puppy mills are difficult to train, usually shy due to lack of early socialization.  Behavioral problems like being aggressive usually occur. Genetic abnormalities are usual due to improper breeding programs.  Puppies have poor health because of the unsanitary living conditions and lack of veterinary care.  The list goes on, and on, and on.  Bottom line is, don’t patronize pet shops.  Get one from a responsible dog breeder; it’s worth the sweat.  This way we can stop puppy mills!


Anonymous said...

Good post. I purchased a dog from puppy store not to long ago. I traced the dog to a puppy mill in Arkansas. I was able to get the breeders info via an FOIA request. You see, many puppy mill breeders register their business as if they are farmers. They get regular USDA inspections and these inspection reports are least here in the U.S.

k9blogger said...

USDA is very strict when it comes to inspections but despite the efforts, puppy mills still exist. Good thing is that you can request info via FOIA. For those who are not aware, FOIA is a US law ensuring public access to US government records. Good for you guys coz not many countries are as fortunate as you are. Thanks for dropping by...

Demarco said...

really good post keep it up

k9blogger said...

Thanks a lot Demarco.. I appreciate it. I checked your blogs.. yours is awesome!!! Keep coming back..

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