Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be Responsible Dog Owners

     Dog ownership comes with great responsibility, not only to our dogs but also to the neighbors and the community in general.  Imagine yourself being the talk of the town because of your irresponsibility.  Not only it is a reflection of what kind of people you are but you may not imagine what could happen to your dog if you let it loose outside your home without supervision.
     For the sake of your dog’s safety and well being, don’t allow him to wander onto the property of others.  Keep him confined at all times to your own yard or indoors where he won’t become a nuisance.  Consider what dangers lie ahead for an unleashed dog that has total freedom of the great outdoors, particularly when he is unsupervised by his master.  There are cars and trucks to dodge on the streets and highways.  There are stray animals with which to wrangle.  There are poisons all around, such as toxic plants and shrubs, which, if swallowed, could prove fatal.  There are dognappers and sadistic people who may steal or bring harm to your beloved pet.  In short, there are all sorts of nasty things waiting to hurt him.  Did you know that if your dog consumes rotting garbage, there is the possibility he could go into shock or even die?  And are you aware that a dog left to roam in a wooded area or field could become infected with any number of parasites if he plays with or ingests some small prey, such as rabbit, that might be carrying these parasitic organisms?  A thorn from a rosebush imbedded in the dog’s foot pad, tar from a newly paved road stuck to his coat, and a wound inflicted by a wild animal all can be avoided if you take the precaution of keeping your dog in a safe enclosure where he will be protected from such dangers.  Don’t let your dog run loose; he is likely to stray from home and get into all sorts of trouble.
     Spare yourself some troubles.  Trains your dogs, take care of them and most of all love them.  Be responsible dog owners.


stugod said...

feeling a bit woof this morning ha ha well my English bull died this year and was the most upsetting thing that has happened to me in years, just got my old dalmatian left now and i love her so much it breaks my heart not going to get any more after this so sad about it, just love my dogs ok bye

k9blogger said...

@ stugod ... Sorry to hear about your dogs. You're really a dog lover. How I wish more people could be like you who really treasures their beloved pets.

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