Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dog Breeding Business: Be Responsible Dog Breeders

     Dog breeders making profits out of their business are getting bashed for telling the truth that indeed they’re making money from dog breeding.  A lot of dog breeders are so passionate about dogs that they think dog breeding should not be a business in the first place.  Check out websites with dog forums, you’ll find out what I’m talking about.  Check out other articles as well about dog breeding.  True, there are lots of dogs ending up in shelters but not because of responsible dog breeding.  Let’s not try to generalize that because a dog breeder earns from dog breeding, he is already irresponsible.  Dog breeding requires a capital, where would a full-time dog breeder get the money if he doesn’t make a profit?  What will finance his breeding program without the money?  Not to mention that the breeder and his dogs needs to attend conformation shows and other dog trials.  Other expenses include vet visits, quality dog food and expenses related to maintenance of the kennels.  Keep an open mind, dog breeders need to make money and they need this to produce good quality puppies you and I can enjoy.
     So what contributes to the increase in dogs ending up in dog shelters?  A lot I should say, it’s a combination of uneducated dog owners and “irresponsible” dog breeders. Not everyone knows what a puppy mill means: they’re irresponsible dog breeders making a profit without any breeding programs.  Their puppies are usually sold in pet shops.  All they want is to produce as many puppies as they can to make more money and dispose these puppies, usually at a very low price. They don’t even care about the welfare of their dogs; their living conditions, the food they eat, their medical needs.  More often than not, puppies from puppy mills have genetic problems that may pose danger to would be owners. Sad to say, a lot of dog buyers still patronize these irresponsible dog breeders’ especially uneducated buyers.
     It saddens me to look at dog forums where a responsible dog breeder get bashed for telling the truth that dog breeding is a profitable business.  I agree that there are lot dog breeders that are only after the money but let’s not generalize and be open-minded.  Instead, let help educate the buyers about the dangers of getting puppies from puppy mills, how to choose the right dog and how to be responsible dog owners.  Let’s also educate the breeders how to be a responsible dog breeder.  Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be no more need for dog shelters.


Bowman20extra said...

I really enjoyed this blog. Written by someone who understands the difference between "puppy mill" and "good puppy kennel". Me and my wife are currently waiting for our Pug to mature enough to breed her, as of right now that is the only dog that we have with intentions of breeding. Maybe after we 'make some profit' with her pups we will consider getting another dog or two to breed. Possibilities: Rotties, Mastiffs

k9blogger said...

@ Bowman20extra.. Thanks for the compliments. Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Every reputable dog breeder started out as just a mere dog breeder and they've grown because they love the breed, contribute to its well-being, cared for their dogs and buyers as well. The profits will come without actively seeking for it so long as you're doing the right thing. Just a few days back, I've read that a dog breeder pleaded guilty for animal cruelty. His kennel was raided and authorities seized more than 200 dogs. ( ) Imagine - 200 dogs! How can you possibly take care of those dogs! Well, you're on the right track Bowman20extra, keep researching and be educated in your chosen breed. Wish you all the best. Good luck!

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ricardo ortiz said...

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bloomingrosevine said...

I understand that there are some responsible dog breeders - but this country also has an enormous puppy mill problem and we euthanize millions of unwanted animals.

Dough said...

I do believe that is one good business, it's just that, dog breeders should be responsible for what they are doing. Nice post btw.

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